Safeguard your panel against malware

Safeguard your panel against malware

Your panel is under attack, warns Nexus Industrial Memory. But at Northern Manufacturing 2019, the firm will show you how to safeguard your next embedded system with both physical security and the latest security hardware authentication.

It is showcasing the Datakey CryptoAuthentication memory token, which uses a crypto-authentication IC from Microchip, moulded into a rugged, removable Datakey memory token.

Security features of the token, coupled with the physical security provided by the specialised Datakey connectors make it particularly suitable for applications such as device authentication or counterfeit protection, secure firmware updates and crypto- ignition keys.

The company invites visitors to discover how easy it is to develop with this CryptoAuthentication memory token range.

Datakey receptacles are manufactured to only mate with the Datakey token; no foreign bodies like USB or SD are allowed, and for good reason – it keeps data safer and more secure.

Visitors can also see how easy it is to mount the receptacles in a panel to protect a system.

A panel-mounted receptacle display will demonstrate both the RuggeDrive and serial memory products in action.

Visit Nexus Industrial Memory on stand H32 or find out more at

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