Support to help you prepare for smart business and Industry 4.0

Support to help you prepare for smart business and Industry 4.0

Support for manufacturers across operations and shop floor processes through to digitalisation are designed to support manufacturing growth across the North West.

Made Smarter and the Manufacturing Growth Fund provide funding, advice to help businesses boost productivity and profitability through improved operational efficiency and digital technologies.

Specifically, the Manufacturing Growth Fund offers SMEs in the manufacturing and engineering sector impartial advice to help assess opportunities and barriers to growth. It makes improvement recommendations and provides a grant towards the cost of bringing in specialist expertise for eligible projects. The fund is available to manufacturers looking to increase production capacity, streamline manufacturing processes, increase innovation and access new markets. Specialist manufacturing advisers will work with you and walk through the processes and business strategy identifying strengths and understanding challenges that the business faces. With the manufacturing sector ever evolving and currently undergoing a digital transformation we work alongside Made Smarter to provide manufacturers with a holistic review of their business.

Made Smarter is the UK-government backed Industry 4.0 Accelerator initiative, designed to drive UK manufacturing growth, productivity and transformation. The Made Smarter pilot aims to support manufacturers, engineers, makers and creators across the North West with the option of new technologies, from 3D printers to system integration and robotics. A team of Industry 4.0 experts work with all types of manufacturers to help them stay ahead of competitors, meet increasing demands and operate efficiently.

Whether your business has started the journey to digital transformation, or you simply need impartial advice on how digital technology could help, you can contact us for support. We can provide fully-funded specialist advice, grant funding, access to a subsidised leadership programme and student placements, to ensure you can easily, and efficiently implement new technology into your operations.

Visit Made Smarter/Manufacturing Growth Fund on stand B117 or find out more at /

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