NAA prepares for automotive tech changes

NAA prepares for automotive tech changes

Northern Manufacturing show sponsor, Northern Auto Alliance (NAA) is an independent, not-for-profit company, which provides a membership service to the automotive community. The NAA supports micro-companies through to local major vehicle manufacturers, such as Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Leyland Trucks, McLaren and Vauxhall. Support via established networks includes the provision of training, events (one per month), funding applications and strategic, business and technical advice.

The NAA has members across the North West, Yorkshire and Humber and communicates with over 2,000 automotive companies on a regular basis.

Chief executive, Rowan Egan says, “The automotive sector has changed more in recent years than ever before, and this trend is set to continue with the introduction of AFV (alternative fuelled vehicles) and CAV (connected autonomous vehicles). These vast changes bring new opportunities for companies who have not traditionally been in the automotive supply chain.

“The push for electrification, in particular, brings significant opportunities for companies who have expertise in power electronics, electric motors and battery technology, but also for any company who can make contributions towards ‘light-weighting’, thereby making a car more efficient.”

“Similarly, for CAV, it is believed that technology and software companies working in sectors such as gaming, will be critical in the development of autonomous vehicles and a whole new CAV supply chain.”

The UK government offers a range of grant funding in these new areas.

The NAA would like to speak to any companies operating, or hoping to work, in the automotive sector. Any company interested in membership will be offered a complimentary ticket to one of its monthly networking events.

Visit NAA on stand L31 or find out more at

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