All PCBs, great and small 

All PCBs, great and small 

Yorkshire-based electronics sub-contractor, Contract Production, invites visitors to Northern Manufacturing & Electronics get up close and personal and see the quality and precision of its PCB production line.

The company offers a variety of services including PCB assembly, PCB testing, box-build, and prototyping. Its stand has a variety of examples of PCBs and equipment in which they are used, from sound level meters to fitness and activity trackers and gas leak detection equipment.

PCBs are manufactured using a combination of manual soldering and machine placement, using the Panasonic AM100 pick and place machine, which can place up to 36,000 components an hour.

The show is also a chance to meet the dynamic team who will look after your project, from start to finish. Visitors are invited to discuss electronics projects, from prototyping and testing to full box build assembly.

Visit Contract Production on stand C23 or find out more at