Induction coil is key to heating

Induction coil is key to heating

For over 20 years, Induction Coil Solutions has worked in many industries, designing and manufacturing induction copper coils. It also offers repairs: there probably isn’t a coil that we can’t repair or modify in the industry, it claims.

Keeping generators well maintained means less down time for production lines and longer generator life. Its engineers have many years’ experience of servicing and repairing induction generators of all makes and models for a wide range of industries within Europe.

It also manufactures water-cooled power leads and includes development and consultation work, welding, brazing, workhead repair and transformer repair among its services.

The company is also distributor for the UK and Ireland of CEIA Induction Heating Systems. Some of its systems will be on display at the show.

Visit Induction Coil Solutions on stand J26 or find out more at

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