Robotic bending cell takes hold

Robotic bending cell takes hold

Dyna-Cell, a robotic bending cell from LVD UK, features a high-speed electric press brake. The press brake and robot function as a compact, integrated unit to automate the bending of small- to medium-sized parts in varying batch sizes at bending speeds up to 25mm per second. A patent-pending, universal gripper allows users to bend on three sides of a part without regripping.

The bending cell combines the Dyna-Press Pro 40 ton press brake with 1,500mm working length and five-axis back gauge with a Kuka industrial robot to offer maximum bending productivity in a small footprint of 5.0 x 5.0m.

There is a stacking area with space to load and unload several pallets. Finished parts are offloaded by the robot on to the appropriate pallet. When bending a large volume of small parts, no operator intervention is required for up to eight hours of automated production. The design also allows for unmanned or manned operation offering a perfect bending solution for small/medium and large batch sizes.

The gripper fits part sizes from 30 x 100mm up to 350 x 500mm and handles parts as heavy as 3.0kg. Gripper suction cups are controlled via offline software and activated according to part size. As one gripper fits all applications, production is continuous and uninterrupted, says the company.

Programming of part and robot follows the 10-10 rule: 10 minutes for CAM generation of the bending and robot program and 10 minutes for set up and first part generation. Even with parts positioned and manipulated by the robot, Dyna-Cell minimises the time from ‘art to part’, explains the company. When batch sizes are too small to benefit from robot automation, the robot can be ‘parked’ and the press brake can be used in standalone mode.

The latest generation LVD Touch-B 15 inch touchscreen control is integrated with the CADMAN software suite.

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