Material mix adapts rivets for weight reductions

Material mix adapts rivets for weight reductions

Technologies added to Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems’ portfolio target sensitive material applications and for weight reduction. Being highlighted at Northern Manufacturing 2019, the Soft Grip is a blind rivet nut for sensitive material applications, while the Lightweight blind rivet nut is for weight reduction requirements.

The Soft Grip blind rivet nut enables threads to be produced in sensitive and very soft materials such as plastic components or lightweight panels without producing too much bearing stress and contact pressure in the components. This avoids component damage through crushing, cracking or stress-whitening in plastics.

The lightweight rivet nuts are used in applications where weight reduction is important, such as for car bodies (lightweight materials), add-on components (plastic material) and structural components (aluminum). In addition to advantages of up to 50% less weight, reduced space needed for the closing head and a larger grip range than standard nuts, the company points out that these blind rivet nuts provide the same or even better stability of joints than usual blind rivet nuts.

The company has designed an M6 square bodied rivet nut with a special chamfer and coating on the flange (pictured). A square bodied rivet nut is used in applications to allow extra security during the assembly process when compared to a round bodied rivet nut, says the company. It provides high torque-to-turn values and is distinguished from a weld nut hence for minimal operational failures, says the company.

The company is a member of the SFS group of Switzerland and has a production site based in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

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