Video measurement corrects lens in real time

Video measurement corrects lens in real time

Real time lens distortion correction (RTLDC) is used in the Quantum multi-field of view video measurement system to correct lens distortion in real time on a live image. The result is consistent measurements across the entire field of view and unprecedented multiple field of view ranges (FOV) without changing lenses, says Ash Technologies.

To be highlighted at Northern 2019, Quantum is an integrated measurement system with no PC required. It is easy to use offering an efficient 2D video measurement system. The digital image processing technology and multiple FOV ranges reduce measurement time and eliminates operator variances, claims the company.

Rather than correct distortion through optics, the RTLDC algorithm corrects the live image for consistent measurements across the entire FOV. It also eliminates lens changes to achieve multiple FOVs.

AshCal auto calibration means that each magnification level is factory calibrated saving time re-calibrating after every zoom.

Other features are quick measurements and data sharing, save and recall measurement and settings files for routine inspections, simultaneous automatic measurements to speed up inspection time, pass/fail tolerance judgement display to rapidly identify failures and NFS connectivity for automatic transfer of results to the network.

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